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Monitoring of energy flows

Transparency with a system

Whether you are employing an energy management system according to ISO 50001 or an “alternative system”, monitoring your essential energy usage is necessary.

The main requirements for the monitoring of energy usage in the context of corporate management systems are:

  • Monitoring and analysis of significant appliances that are subject to the continuous improvement process - estimates should be gradually replaced by measured values
  • If necessary to begin with, estimated values ​​should be checked through periodic measurements
  • A central component of any energy management system is a monitoring concept, which documents energy requirements and the appropriate level of energy monitoring in a comprehensible manner
  • Each company must establish and implement an appropriate monitoring concept
  • Measurements must be reviewed and verified at regular intervals to ensure they are providing accurate and reproducible data.

In the context of audits, energy-intensive companies especially are finding themselves under increasing pressure to meet the demands for the continuous recording of essential energy consumers.

For many companies, competent monitoring of energy flows is a new challenge. We can help you with developing an appropriate approach to the monitoring of energy flows which complies with the requirements of the ISO 50001. In addition to verifying estimates through periodic mobile measurements, we offer economical solutions for the continuous monitoring of energy flows tailored to the needs of your company. Our services are rounded off with customer support, data analysis and regular testing of measuring equipment.

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