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Sustainability management

The publication of corporate key performance indicators is increasingly demanded by shareholders, customers and other stakeholders. The structured consideration and inclusion of economic, environmental and social objectives leads to sustainable corporate management. As business processes and supply chains become increasingly complex, it turns out that in practice, the identification, and integration of measurable environmental and social information is often more complex than expected..

Our team has developed a tried-and-tested approach which is based on the needs and expectations of our customers and focuses on the essentials. (Was ist hier mit essentials gemeint?)

Our approach usually kicks off with a sustainability check, usually in the form of a workshop. Here, discussions are centered on how to anchor the topic of sustainability within the organizational framework. The result is a sustainability strategy which identifies the needs and expectations of stakeholders that should be addressed.

The second step is to integrate the sustainability strategy into the organizational structure of your company. By integrating sustainability into your overall corporate strategy, you will find that your  corporate perspective needs to be adjusted, and with it your approach to controlling. Where previously only the economic aspects of controlling were considered, now the social and environmental aspects also need to be highlighted.

In addition to helping your business developing a sustainability strategy, we are also happy to support you in reviewing and monitoring the sustainability of your entire supply chain, since the weakest link may backfire adversely on your overall sustainability strategy

If it is your wish to incorporate the sustainability strategy into your public corporate profile, we recommend that the results are summarized in a sustainability report. This report can serve as the basis for a dialogue with your stakeholders, however many companies also create a sustainability report mainly for internal use. We can help you with the planning and preparation of sustainability reports. Here, you can refer to guidelines such as those provided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or other organizations, or you can create your own principles. In any case, our experienced team would be glad to help your company taking this forward-looking step.

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